Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Walking Around

Only last week, Meghan was refusing to take more than a step unsupported.. but that has all changed. Take a look at the video and see how steady and confident and happy she is.

Meghan has started a new daycare, one that is located near the office, and is missing her friends from the first daycare but is adjusting and is definitely tired and hungry at the end of the day from all the play and activities.

We stopped by at lunchtime today and watched her, along with her class, sitting on a small chair at a table and feeding herself.



Congrats, cute video!
Tired and hungry? They don't help her at all?

Martin Thomas said...

She is tired from working hard.. hungry from the same. We stopped by at lunch today and she was sat at a table with all the all others, feeding herself from a plate.

One evening Aey stopped by at story time and they were sat in a semi-circle listening to teacher read.


thats awesome! she is fantastic!