Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Signs of Change

We were sitting reading books with Meghan last night and noticed that she is making the sign for "this is" so we tried some other signs with her and found that her vocabulary is developing well; she can repeat "more", "please" (blowing a kiss), "thank you", "this is", "bye" and clap. We are going to pay more attention from now on in case we are missing a conversation with our daughter.

We went to the toy store yesterday and bought a child-sized broom so she can play with it instead of the larger one but she insists on using the grown-up one. Quite an independent 13 month old!

1 comment:

Olga Foster said...

she can come to my house and practice the broom swings....:)
I don't mind extra help around the house.

Martin she is so cute!