Sunday, December 23, 2007

Adventure Baby

Meghan, our adventure baby, has had a long weekend of adventures; climbing stairs at Trish and Ravi's house during Myra's 1st birthday party; helping Dad tidy the yard; playing with Sasha at Philippe and Asel's house; making friends over dinner at Thai Zenna in Plano; and taking first steps in Toys'r'us in Plano.

Here's a picture from a couple of weeks ago when Adventure Baby was helping fix the smoke detector.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Teddy Bear or Dog?

Meghan was full of beans last night and just wouldn't settle down with a book or even slow down long enough to look tired. Instead she was playing with her favourite teddy bear, Sheba, who is very good natured and understanding of a small person's urges to tug on her ears.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Starting Exercises and Blowing Kisses

Meghan found the exercise ball tonight and started pushing it and banging on it, enjoying the noise that it makes. This tired her out so she went down for the night earlier than usual. Or so we thought. She spent a little while talking to her mum and then started blowing kisses to Dad.. we thought we were imagining things so we waited and she did a couple more times. Hand to mouth and then out into a wave.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Pilot Episode

Back in January, Aey gave me two great birthday presents; Meghan and an introductory flight at a local flight school. The first has kept us both busy through the year but I finally got around to trying the other when I went to American Flyers yesterday to fly around for an hour in a Cessna 172 (edit: it was windy and 2 seconds after the instructor said "it's yours", it went sideways and down). Today I went back for two hours in the simulator.

About the only thing missing from the simulator was the hydraulics - two screens for the pilot (the world view and the instruments), all the buttons and radio equipment of the Cessna, rudder pedals, yoke with feedback and a control station for the instructor to set the weather and other simulator conditions. Very good and lots of fun.