Saturday, April 25, 2009

Play Date With Sasha

Sasha came over and brought Mum and Dad and we all had fun! Sasha and Meghan worked on the letter M with paint and glue and stickers for a while as Cara watched. Later we went for a walk to the nearest playground and later had a nice family dinner.

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Thank you for the dinner, it was so tasty. Meghan is so great at doing arts. She loved glitter paint! You must post her M work as I didnt photograph it. THe basket was cute as well.
Sasha will work on his tomorrow, I may have to use sticks and leaves to get his attention.
I will work it out.
I loved the time we spent together. By the way if you decide to try out swimming with a free pass, WE WILL HELP YOU. There is family room and we can all go there together. Just an offer and you dont have to go at all. I agree that your pool and yard is awesome and you may not need to spend extra money. You know best cos you are the BESTEST ever! And the highest IQ, i am sure.