Monday, October 27, 2008

More Lego

Meghan doesn't have enough Lego yet so while we were visiting the new Toys'r'us near the house (they have been sending coupons for a month so it would have been rude not to go), we picked up a cement mixer figuring it had strong play value.
It goes well with the box of Lego that she got from cousin Geoffrey.

Really, we were at the store to pick up some extra supplies for the twins..



wow! cool! Lemme know how it goes, I have been thinking of buying similar things (lego designs) for Sasha. I was not sure if it is a bit early or not. We have mega building sets and he does not play much with them yet. He loves to sit before the computer .... reminds you of anyone you already know? well.......

Martin Thomas said...

We bought this set because it has it has some wheels and a container that she put bricks in and tip them out..
but she has more fun handing lego bricks to me and asking me to "do!"