Sunday, September 14, 2008

Grandma, Surgery and Sea Horses

It's been a long week and a lot has been happening. Grandma arrived from Thailand last Sunday (along with Aunt Than) without incident (apart from all the computers in the arrival hall crashing as they stepped off the plane) and Meghan is loving the extra attention.

She has had a bunch of bites from the mosquitoes that came out in the cooler weather during the week and in the aftermath of the hurricane and has been telling everyone who smiles at her about her booboos.

After a recent visit to the ear doctor when we discovered that her hearing is degrading because of a long-standing ear fluid problem, we decided to go ahead and get the tubes put in so Wednesday, we took her in for surgery. Even though it is a routine operation and only minor, it still had us on edge. Happily things went smoothly and now our little chatterbox is even more chatty.

Yesterday, Hurricane Ike rolled past nearby and we got lots of rain and wind.. so we decided to drive to the Dallas Buddhist Center to fix Aey's passport. Fortunately, Dallas was spared the full force but Houston did not fare so well, nor Galveston.

We went to Ikea this afternoon to buy a new bed for Meghan so we can move her into her own bedroom upstairs when the twins arrive which will be soon. They had some fun furniture and Meghan enjoyed climbing on most of it. We came away a new junior bed, mattress and covers and a really night light in the shape of a seahorse that is about 3 feet from head to tail.

This evening Aunt Than and Meghan played video games together. At least, Meghan thinks that they did and probably enjoyed it just as much as if she had any idea how to play Mario Karts.



wow you guys did a lot, I am glad about her ears. And I understand about being on the edge during medical procedures.
Meghan must happy with more family attention. She looks so happy on the pics!

Olga said...

the bottom picture is so precious.