Monday, July 28, 2008


Mum and Dad decided that it was time for a mini-van. The twins are arriving in October and Grandma and Aunt Than are coming to visit in September so we need more seating than the Honda Accord was allowing us.

We started looking a few weeks ago and started pricing up the available models with the features we wanted and ended up at David McDavid in Frisco. After some hard bargaining, we struck a deal and drove out in a new Honda Odyssey.

Sasha brought his family over on Sunday and the toddlers took us all on a road trip. They enjoyed a nap and we enjoyed the smooth ride and amenities of the van.

Sasha's mum took some nice pictures and sent them to us:

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Olga said...

Wow, Aye and Martin! Congrats! I did not know you guys are expecting twins. where was I? Congrats.