Sunday, December 2, 2007

Pilot Episode

Back in January, Aey gave me two great birthday presents; Meghan and an introductory flight at a local flight school. The first has kept us both busy through the year but I finally got around to trying the other when I went to American Flyers yesterday to fly around for an hour in a Cessna 172 (edit: it was windy and 2 seconds after the instructor said "it's yours", it went sideways and down). Today I went back for two hours in the simulator.

About the only thing missing from the simulator was the hydraulics - two screens for the pilot (the world view and the instruments), all the buttons and radio equipment of the Cessna, rudder pedals, yoke with feedback and a control station for the instructor to set the weather and other simulator conditions. Very good and lots of fun.


Olga Foster said...

you are one brave soul.

Martin Thomas said...

Did I mention it was windy and the ride was a little bouncy? Still, it was fun..

Olga Foster said...

as i mentioned before you are one brave soul....funny thing is that i don't mind bunjee jumping, i don't mind jumping out of an airplane but i do mind flying it.....:)

will you take more classes and continue this?

Martin Thomas said...

I have jumped out of a plane and now I've tried flying a plane. I think flying was easier. I think I might like a few more classes but I am not sure if I have enough time to get a licence..